Tube conversion tables

The table consists of scanned pages from a Philips Pocket book 1971, and it covers most European types in use between ca. 1950 and 1971. Conversion between Euro types and US types like ECC81 -> 12AT7 and vice versa.

Each picture is about 125kB. To return to this page after viewing a picture, click the back button on your browser.

0.1NE3/1 to 3WP11

4-65A to 6C10

6C12 to 8CW5

8D3 to 19Y3

20A2 to 65ME

66KU to 1173

1174 to 5643

5644 to 6443

6463 to 7818

7819 to 9609

9618B to A59-16W

A59-23W to AX5822A

AX7585 to C1136

C9132 to DC70

DC80 to DP13-76

DP13-78 to EC56

EC57 to EL86

EL90 to GD100B

GD100B/S to JPT9-60

K81A to M8099

M8100 to N709

N727 to PCF201

PCF801 to QE05/40H

QE04/40K to RS1003

RS1006B to TBW12/38

TBW12/100 to TY74

TY76 to VX32B

VX41 to XP1001

XP1002 to YD1151

YD1152 to YX1220

Z50T to ZZ1020

CV5 to CV2371

CV2382 to CV5065

CV5072 to CV10758